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Unifrog is a portal to support parents and students with careers information and guidance (Gatsby benchmark 2)

As a de Ferrers Trust school, we have been using Unifrog with our students across our schools to help them access careers information.  We have been running “Froggy Fridays” at Granville, whereby the students use a Friday tutor time to explore careers via interactive quizzes and research.  Parents/carers can also have access to Unifrog, and it’s a reliable and updated resource you can use to support your child in their career planning.  Here is the link you can use to access Unifrog (all students have access to Unifrog at Granville): www.unifrog.org/code

1.Click on the “Been given a sign up code?  Use it here” link on the right.

2. Enter the code GRACparents, then complete the sign up form.

You will then have access to all the resources that our students do, such as the careers directory on the Careers Library link. A parents pack is available to view on the following link to discover how to make the most of Unifrog when supporting your child:  https://www.unifrog.org/teacher/resources/sort/parent-pack and a short video can be viewed to also aid your understanding of Unifrog:  https://www.loom.com/share/1d856c8220f444faa653fd7f719db5c8


Unifrog is also used for our Year 10s to record their summer Work Experience placements, using the 'Placements' tool when they log in. Students will have a demonstration of how to add a placement when we launch Work Experience in November of when they are in Year 10.  Using Unifrog to record a student's work experience means we have a paperless process, with all information from employers regarding a placement, and parental/school consent all carried out through this function.