Granville 0144


Mrs M Oliphant
Vice Principals

Mr C Gell – Curriculum & Data

Mrs G Lowe – Teaching and Learning/Pastoral

Assistant Principals



Mr S Friswell - Teaching and Learning  

Miss S Hewart - Attendance/Transition/Admissions/LAC

Miss J Gibson - SENCo


Mr D Royston-Webb - Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs K Brookes - Safeguarding Officer 

Directors of Learning

Mr P Phelan - Director of World Studies/Teacher of History 

Miss J Price - Director of Health & PE/Creative Arts

Mrs L Brown - Director of English 

Mr S Edwards - Director of Technology

Mrs K Freeman - Director of Maths 

Mr B Trinham - Director of Science

Miss S Mays - MFL Subject Leader

Mrs N Kiraly - RE and PSHE Subject Leader 

Mrs S Wright - ICT and Business Studies Subject Leader

Heads of Year/Pastoral


Miss J White– Head of Year 7

Miss C Robinson– Head of Year 8

Mr A Tempest - Head of Year 9

Mrs S Carter – Head of Year 10

Mrs L Brown – Head of Year 11

Teaching Staff

Mr D Baxter - History              

Mirs K Brickley - Health & Social/PSHE  

Miss O Brimsted - English              

Miss S Broadhurst - Textiles/Food    

Miss B Capewell - RE/PSHE 

Miss N Charalambous - MFL 

Ms C Clifton - Drama

Miss S Deakin - English 

Miss E Dilley - Science 

Mr Jack Fisher - Maths 

Mr J Goddard - PE        

Miss C Isaac - Science 

Mr D Jackson – Music 

Miss K Malik - Maths 

Mr P Marshall - ICT 

Miss P Matthews - English & Literacy Lead

Miss H McIlhone - English 

Mr L McIIveen – PE

Miss E Morland – Art

Mr D Oyinlola – Science

Miss A Qamar - Science  

Miss M Robinson - DT/Textiles 

Miss J Roe - Geography 

Mrs A Rowland - Science     

Mrs P Saddington - MFL 

Miss K Sands - Science 

Mr R Scott - Maths 

Mrs L Senior – History

Mrs T Shearer - Art    

Mr R Stone - Geography

Mr K Taylor - Maths 

Mrs S Tunstall - Food 

Miss H Wallace - English  

Mrs A Ward - English 

Miss N Warren - ICT/Maths 

Mr C Wilson – DT/ICT

Mrs S Wright – ICT

Cover Supervisors

Mrs S Ursell 

Careers and Aspirations Lead

Mr C Lambeth

Premises and Technical Staff

Mrs T Gaunt - Business Office Manager

Mr M Johnson - Site Resources Manager 

Mr S Curran - Caretaker 

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Making a Difference

Twitter / @Granville_dft
For the second year in a row, Granville Academy has been recognised as one of Hegarty Maths top performing Super Schools. Fantastic independent learning and effort by our students! Well done 👏👏
Twitter / @Granville_dft
This summer is going to be tough for a lot of families, please it may help someone
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Y9 future GCSE PE students visited University of Derby for a Careers in Sport event. They were treated to lecture sessions, use of facilities and an inspiring speech by Richard Whitehead, Paralympic gold medalist! A great day, enjoyed by all!
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Y9 STEM Day led by -students took on the role of aeronautical engineers. They designed aircrafts, & were able to combine the skills developed in Maths, Science, Tech & Creative Arts to produce successful flying aircrafts!
Twitter / @Granville_dft
On Monday, our students were involved in our first ever Creative Arts Showcase. First time in over 2 years that students were able to perform on stage to a live audience and they did not disappoint - excellent talent on display!
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Thank you for coming, Year 2, you were all amazing!
Twitter / @Granville_dft
🔵 JUNIOR SNOOKER HOLIDAY CLUB | SOUTH DERBYSHIRE A great chance for young people to try an exciting sport this summer If you're aged 6-16 - give snooker a go! Only £1 per session! Meet new friends + win prizes! Part-funded by
Twitter / @Granville_dft
63 students from Year 7 and 9 had a fantastic day at the Big Bang Fair 2022. Packed full of exciting, inspiring STEM activities to provide opportunities to meet with real scientists and engineers.
Twitter / @Granville_dft
This week, 12 students from Y8,9, 10 visited an MFL event On Doctor’s Orders at Nottingham University. We heard from the WHO speakers about their use of languages with medicine and how this has allowed them to have amazing and rewarding careers
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Great to see Year 11 students investing in themselves and choosing wisely at the Easter revision sessions.👇 Keep revising, Year 11! 🤩 Wishing all our students a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing you all when we return on Monday 25th April! 🤩
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Our new website is now live! A fresh new look!😃👇
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Superb day hosting Practical moderation. Well done to & and of course our students. A great day, each and every one of you were exemplary.
Twitter / @Granville_dft
It’s official...we're UK finalist winners! Y9 came in at 1st place, Y7 came in at 3rd place and Y8 came in at 6th place!! A huge congratulations to all who took part in the challenge, all finished in the top ten in the country. A massive achievement! 👏
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Year 9 boys took part in a football tournament match against Paget High School. An impressive start as they won 7-1! Mr Goddard was impressed by the stylish football on display!
Twitter / @Granville_dft
There’s been some great moments during this seasons schools rugby fixtures in Burton. Well done to everyone involved. Organisers, teachers, referees, hosts & of course players. Next up, County Championships.
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Well done, Years 7, 8 and 9! You are all finalists!! Final round of Word Mania starts today, and ends on Friday! Go Granville!! Here are the final results from the Competition Round: Year 7: 2nd Year 8: 6th Year 9: 2nd
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Year 7s participated in a rugby tournament yesterday. Great tackles and impressive tries saw the team finish 3rd overall! Mr Goddard & Miss Isaac were impressed by the players attitude & conduct and the level of improvement evident as the tournament progressed.
Twitter / @Granville_dft
Fans of the future! 💛🖤 You've made today extra special, !
Twitter / @Granville_dft
We were beyond excited to meet today!!! Thank you for visiting us!! 👍👍 There is still time to grab your tickets below 👇for tomorrow's game... |
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