Governance at Granville Academy 

The Granville Academy is an Academy within a multi-academy trust namely The de Ferrers Trust.  

The de Ferrers Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee and as such is required to comply with charity law and company law.

The Trust is one legal entity with one set of Articles of Association that governs each academy within the Trust.  The Trust has a Master Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State and then each academy has a separate Supplementary Funding Agreement.  All documents referred to throughout this page can be located below. 

Our Governance Structure 


The Members

The Trust consists of five members who are very similar to shareholders in a normal company.  They are often considered as the custodians of the trust and act as a 'check and balance' on the performance of the multi-academy trust.  The members have the power to appoint or remove trustees, amend the articles of association and, if necessary, wind up the multi-academy trust.  To ensure robust accountability within our governance structure the members are independent of the trust board.  The members will meet as often as is necessary to carry out their duties, but at least on an annual basis.   

To see a list of the trust's members please click here.


The Trust Board

The Trust Board has strategic oversight and ultimate responsibility for all of the management decisions within the multi-academy trust.  The board consists of up to 11 trustees, eight of whom are appointed by the members.  The trustees are appointed purely on a skills basis.  The board's key responsibilities are to ensure, through their governance structure and leaderships teams, that the multi-academy trust is making proper and effective use of public funds and for the quality of provision.  The trust board will meet as often as is necessary to carry out their duties, but at least five times per year.  The trust board has established three sub-committees to assist them, namely the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, the Standards Committee and the Resources Committee.  Each Committee operates with its own set of terms of reference which can be located at the bottom of this page.  The Finance, Audit and Risk and the Standards sub-committees will meet as often as necessary, but at least three times per year.  The Resources Committee will meet as often as necessary, but at least on an annual basis.  

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The Local Governing Body

A Local Governing Body (LGB) has been established for Granville Academy. The LGB carry out the Trust’s vision, policies and priorities and engage with the academy's key stakeholders (our students, parents, staff and members of the community).  They play a support & challenge role and will seek assurances on behalf of the board in regard to academic performance and quality of care and provision for their academy.  They are responsible for making decisions by way of the powers delegated to them by the trust board in accordance with the Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation (located at the bottom of this page). 

There is currently a vacancy for the Chair of Governors.

Our Clerk to the Local Governing Body is S Taylor, who can be contacted by emailing: 


Meet our Local Governing Body 


Ex-Officio Governor

The Principal of our Academy also sits on our Local Governing Body as a governor.  She is referred to as an ex-officio governor.  This means that she will remain a governor for as long as she is employed in her role as Principal.  

Michelle Oliphant - Principal 


Appointed: 1 September 2020

Attendance for 2020/21:  5/5                                


Committee Membership: None 

Register of Interests: None 

Michelle Oliphant 

Bio:  I grew up in Nottingham and attended Colonel Frank Seely school in Calverton.  At a young age, I was always interested in sports, and lucky enough to have been good at it to achieve a high standard of representation in Netball and Tennis. 

Academically, I had to work hard and remember the legacy of my Science teacher, Mr Brown, who inspired me to work hard and always encouraged me.  Little did he know, I would go on to complete my A Levels in English, Biology and Sociology that allowed me to access a teaching course.  It was at University that I realised the importance of education and the very real opportunities that a solid education provided.  I progressed in my teaching career working up to Vice Principal and then proudly became the Principal at Hartshill School, a job I loved and enjoyed for three years.  I moved to Granville Academy in 2020 to take up my second headship; bringing me closer to home and to a new trust.  Whilst my first year has been challenging, (starting in the midst of a pandemic was always going to be interesting), I have absolutely loved it!  It has been a true joy to work with such committed staff and students.  We have achieved so much as a result of the passion and determination by the whole trust and I am very excited about the scope and possibilities that we will achieve here at Granville Academy.

BA (Hons) in Physical Education with English, University of Brighton. NPQH.


Board Appointed Governors

Governors who are board appointed are appointed by the trust board.  Their term of office is 4 years.  At Granville Academy the governance structure allows for four board appointed governors.


Kristopher Harvey 

Appointed: 19 March 2019 

Attendance for 2020/21: 4/5


Committee Membership: None 

Register of Interests: STEM at Rolls-Royce Plc

K harvey

Bio: I joined Granville Academy as a Trust Appointed Governor in March 2019 and was previously a Parent Governor at Woodville Infant school.  I have lived in the area for the last 20 years and I am a Chartered Engineer, working at Rolls-Royce in Derby. 

I have a son attending Granville Academy and my daughter has recently left the school having completed her GCSEs in 2019.  As a governor I enjoy using the skills I've learnt as an Engineer in a completely different environment, one that makes a difference to young people.

Madeeha Rahim-Rasool 

Appointed: 18 May 2021 


Committee Membership: None 

Register of Interests: None 

Bio: Having come from a family of primary and high school teachers, headmasters, lecturers, and managers in educational institutions, education has always been something that is very important for me. I believe with the right amount of dedication, support and focus, one can achieve anything they set their mind to.  I hope to share my passion for education with young people and continue my family line of work in education.

My personal educational background is in psychology with management (BSc) and Forensic Mental Health (MSc). I have worked in various fields from marketing and events to business psychology and for the past few years I have worked in various healthcare organisations (NHS and private) in the Clinical Governance teams. My greatest venture on my educational journey was spending a few years in a Scottish university in Dubai. I studied with over 45 different nationalities, learnt about different cultures and made friends from many corners of the world. This also allowed me to understand different education systems that my fellow peers had studied in, but also how to communicate and work with various different people from different backgrounds. I consider this multi-national understanding one of my greatest assets.


Parent Governors 

Parent governors are elected by the parents/guardians of the students who attend Granville Academy.  When a parent governors vacancy occurs, nominations are requested from all registered parents and guardians and an election takes place.  Their term of office is four years.  At Granville Academy the governance structure allows for two parent governors. 


Lindsay Burton 

Appointed: 26 January 2022 

Attendance for 2020/21: N/A 


Committee Membership: None 

Register of Interests: Parent of a student at Granville Academy 

Bio: I wanted to become a Parent Governor, so that I could contribute to the successful running of my son's school. I want to contribute to ideas and strategies and help put those ideas into practice, but also, I am hoping that there is plenty of opportunity to learn new skills and to work with others to help to develop useful policies that will benefit the education of children.


Staff Governor 

The staff governor by the staff based at Granville Academy.  When a staff governor vacancy occurs, nominations are requested from all members of staff based at Granville Academy and an election takes place.  Their term of office is four years.  At Granville Academy the governance structure allows for one staff governor. 


Philippa Saddington

Appointed: 9th May 2022 

Attendance for 2020/21: n/a


Committee Membership: None

Register of Interests: Vice Chair East Staffordshire TUC.  Women's Officer, South Derbyshire NEU


Bio: To follow


Co-opted Governors 

At Granville Academy the governance structure allows for the local governors listed above to co-opt up to four further local governors to the local governing body in order to bring a specific skill set that will add value to the academy, making local governance even more efficient and effective.  Co-opted governors have a term of office of four years.   


Michelle Hurley 

Appointed: 4 October 2021 

Attendance for 2020/21: 3/5


Committee Membership: None

Register of Interests: None 

Bio: I care passionately about the future of our next generation and ensuring that they receive the best education and support from their schooling, and as a local parent of two children, I also have a personal vested interest.

The majority of my working life was spent in professional services for a global accountancy firm and more recently in the NHS as a Practice Manager in Primary Care General Practice. I have experience of various senior business support roles, including: HR performance management and recruitment, administrative team management, headcount and finance budget control, MI analysis and manpower planning and deployment.

Having observed the progress of Granville over the past few years, I have every confidence in the strong senior leadership team and I'm proud to be associated with them and look forward to working with and supporting them further.


Ashley Poxon

Appointed: 14 May 2021 

Attendance for 2020/21: 4/5


Committee Membership: None 

Register of Interests:   Involved with Red 7 Solutions (Midlands) Limited, Misxon Group Ltd and P6 Property Ltd.


Bio:  I am a father of 4 and have lived in Swadlincote for my entire life. I attended Granville School between 1990 and 1995 before going to Ashby Grammar Sixth Form to complete my A-Levels. 

After completing my A-Levels I went to work for an IT company, and I am now fortunate enough to be a Director at two IT Companies, which specialise in Microsoft Cloud Technologies. I also have a keen interest in property development, which has led me to form my own property company recently. Outside of my work, I have a keen interest in local junior football, and provide sponsorships to a number of local teams, as well as helping with fundraising events. 

In my role as a governor, I am looking forward to helping the students of Granville to excel in their education by supporting the school as well as the wider school community.  


Benjamin Miller 

Appointed: 5 July 2021 


Committee Membership: None 

Register of Interests: Teacher at Repton School 

Bio: I grew-up in Burton on Trent and then Reading, attending a state grammar school and then studying English Literature at St-Anne's College, Oxford.

Following that, I began my career in teaching, working in a variety of educational contexts - most recently as Head of English at Repton School and prior to that as Head of Academic Enrichment at Whitgift School in London.


Emma Bunditt 

Appointed: 5 July 2021 


Committee Membership: None 

Register of Interests: Governor at Snarestone Primary School and an Exam Invigilator for South Charnwood High School.

Snarestone Primary- Local Authority Governor

Bio:  My previous career was within the Home Office working for a non-departmental public body.  My role was Business Support and the Regional Facilities Manager for the offices in England.   After the birth of my first son, I decided a new challenge was in order and I started my own delicatessen and hamper business.  During this time, I went on to have my daughter and youngest son.  I have really enjoyed seeing my children thrive at school and I wanted to look further into applying my business skills to the education sector.  I am currently studying for my diploma in School Business Management, and I am very excited at the opportunity to work within a school in the coming months.  In my role as governor at Granville, I hope to share my business experiences to support the growth and sustainability of the school and to help them to achieve the very best educational outcomes for the children.



Peter Geering (Resigned - 4th March 2022 

Appointed: 5 March 2018

Attendance for 2020/21: 4/5 


Committee Membership: None                              

Register of Interests: None 




Declan Royston-Webb - Chair of Governors (Resigned): 27th February 2022

Appointed: 15 May 2018 

Attendance for 2020/21: 5/5

Committee Membership: None 

Register of Interests: Community Safety Officer at Derby City Council, volunteer with Derby Kids Camp.



John Widdowson (resigned) 

   Appointed: April 2020

   Resigned: May 2021

Committee Membership: None

Register of Interests: Trust Board Member at The de Ferrers Trust 


Sarah Hewart 

Appointed: September 2017

Attendance for 2020/21: 5/5

Term of office end: August 2021

Committee Membership: None

Register of Interests: None

All documents mentioned can be found below. 

If you wish to contact the Local Governing Body, you can do so by emailing or by writing to the Clerk to the Local Governing Body, Granville Academy, Burton Road, Woodville, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 7JR

To access the Annual Report and Financial Statements please click here.


Articles of Association

Master Funding Agreement

Supplementary Funding Agreement 

Scheme of Delegation

Code of Conduct for Governance


Should you need to request these documents, you can do so from the Governance and Compliance Officer –


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