We consider that having all of our students dressed smartly in our simple uniform is important for several reasons:

  • It provides our students with a sense of identity and pride in our Academy. 
  • It enhances the appearance of our students and therefore the reputation of our Academy.
  • It helps to instill in our students a sense of purpose when they put on their uniform in the mornings.
  • Many jobs require staff to wear a uniform of some form or other and therefore we are helping to prepare our students for their life of work.
  • It overcomes the problem for both parents and teachers of what is or is not suitable for Academy.

We understand that the uniform should not cost you any more than the clothing you would normally buy for your children and therefore we have kept the basic requirements very straightforward.

  • Black blazer with the Granville Academy badge. No other badges are permitted unless issued by the Academy. Blazers must be worn at all times and sleeves rolled down. They maybe removed with the permission of the class teacher. 
  • Plain black or boot cut or straight leg/regular fit formal style trousers. No flared, narrow leg, skinny or tight fit at any point. Trousers must be full length and waist high. No tracksuit bottoms, jeans, chino style trousers, combat trousers, leggings or jeggings. Belts should be black, plain and narrow with a discreet buckle. 
  • Girls may choose to wear a skirt. This must be black, pleated and knee length. 
  • Plain white formal style button through shirt/blouse with a stiffened collar, which allows a tie to be worn. These can be short or long sleeved. Shirts must be tucked in at all times and sleeves rolled down.
  • Academy tie must be worn in a smart manner at all times.  
  • Lanyards/ID Badge must be worn at all times. 
  • Formal style, plain black shoes. No logos, emblems or coloured trims/patterns. No trainers, canvas, pumps or trainer type shoes will be accepted. Heels no higher than 3cm. No boots. 
  • Long black socks with trousers. White or black socks with skirts or black/flesh coloured tights. 
  • Optional black v-neck pullover.  No other jumper, hoodie or cardigan to be worn. 
  • outdoor coats should be removed once inside the Academy building. Hoodies and sweatshirts should not be worn as an alternative to a coat. Denim/leather or leather look jackets are not allowed. 
  • No extreme hairstyles, no patters. Hair must not be shaved less than a grade 2.  Dyed hair: only full head or highlights in normal hair colours. No blocks of colour or dip dyeing of the ends of hair. Hair accessories must be plain, black or white. 
  • No make-up of any kind in Year 7. Students in Year 10-11 may wear very light make-up but this must not be visible from a short distance. No shaved eyebrows, false eye lashes, nail varnish or nail extensions. No additional accessories, badges or wrist bands (including charity bands) unless provided by the Academy or for a special Academy event for a specified time. 
  • One pair of small gold or silver stud earrings, one worn in each earlobe. No other body piercings or retainers are allowed including magnetic/fake piercings. A wrist watch may be worn. No smart watches. 

If your child comes to the Academy dressed inappropriately the following sanctions may apply depending on the precise situation:

  • Confiscation of offending item (must be collected after 3.00 p.m. by parent or other adult with written permission from parent)
  • Student sent home after a telephone call to you explaining the situation
  • Student issued with detention at break, lunch or at the end of the day
  • Student is isolated for a period of time
  • Pre-exclusion warning letter
  • Referral to Principal

Please note, that not all items sold within "school sectors" of a shop, meet our regulations. Please do not purchase items when this is the case. 


• Clean trainers suitable for indoor use

• Trainers suitable for outdoor use

• Royal and navy polo shirt with Academy logo

• Long sleeved mid layer with Academy logo

• Shorts 

• Navy blue football socks 

• Shin pads, football boots (boys) and gum shield

• Plain black tracksuit bottoms are optional

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