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The Government has announced its intention for exams to return in Summer 2022. This will replace teacher assessed grades, which have been used for Summer 2020 and 2021 exams. 

Year 11 students are now in the final stages of their studies and will shortly be taking these main examinations.  They should be spending the majority of their free time on revision, which is crucial to success in the examinations.

We would like to advise you of several points concerning the GCSE examinations:

a. Students must arrive for examinations at the following times:

Morning examinations             -        8.45am for an 8.55am start

Afternoon examinations          -        12.45pm for a 12.55pm start

Students have been issued with individual timetables, which show their candidate number and seat number for each examination.  This should be kept in a safe place and is brought to each examination.  Seat numbers will also be displayed outside the entrance to the examination room.

b.  Most examinations will take place in the Sports Hall, but some examinations will be scheduled in other rooms. Please refer to individual timetables nearer the time.

c.  Once instructed to enter the examination room, students should ensure that they remain silent, and quickly take their seats.

d.  There are strict rules governing behaviour in examinations and examination boards reserve the right to withdraw ALL papers taken by a student found to be engaging in unfair practice.  Notices concerning behaviour will be displayed prominently both outside and inside examination rooms.

e.  Once an examination has started, students will only be allowed to leave the room before the end of the examination in the most extreme cases (eg. illness). Toilet visits must be made before the examination and it would be very rare for a student to be allowed to go to the toilet during a public examination, unless students have associated medical conditions.

f.  Drinking water will be allowed in exams and students should bring their own water in a suitable clear bottle, without any labels. Bottles with labels or coloured bottles will not be permitted.

g.  Students must be present, in good time for all examinations. In the unlikely event that a student is ill and unable to attend an examination, it is important that you let the Academy know immediately.  We are yet to be made aware of the arrangements for students who have COVID during an examination and we will keep you notified. For all other medical absences you must obtain a medical certificate from your doctor and hand this in to the Academy within 48 hours of the examination. There is no provision by examination boards for the examination to be taken at another time so it is important that no examinations are missed. Grades could be adversely affected by missed examinations

h.  If a student fails to turn up for an examination to which they are entered, you will be asked to pay the entry fee for that examination. Additionally, any student missing an examination, other than for certified illness as above, may not be allowed to attend the Prom or the Year 11 Celebration Day.

i.   Please keep any belongings you bring to the examination to a minimum.  Bags will be stored outside the examination rooms during the GCSE exam sessions.  A calculator is essential for Mathematics, Science, Geography and Business Studies and you should bring your own scientific one with you as only basic standard ones will be provided by the Academy.

j.   Ideally, mobile phones, any type of wrist watch and any other electrical devices should be left at home.  Otherwise they should be switched off and left in bags.  Please note, watches must not be worn in examinations. If a phone rings whilst in a student pocket, it is very likely that the student will be disqualified from that examination and possibly others. Lanyards should also be worn.

Year 11 Exam Timetable


GCSE Results

GCSE results will be available to collect from the Academy between 9.00am and 12.30pm on Thursday 25th August, 2022.  

Alternatively, please leave a first class stamped, self-addressed envelope with the examinations staff or arrange for a close friend or relative to collect the results.  Please give written details to the Examinations Office before the end of the examination period.  The relative or close friend will be asked to show proof of identity.

Please note that results will not be given out over the telephone or emailed.

Collection of Certificates

Certificates will be available for collection from the Academy from November 2022 onwards. A notice will be put onto the Academy website when they will be ready to collect.


Exam Rules


Ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam. There is no guarantee that you will be admitted to an exam if you arrive after it has started. If you are too ill to attend, you must telephone the academy before 08.30 for a morning exam and before 12.30 for an afternoon exam. A doctor’s note will be necessary if you miss any of the papers. If you do not attend and cannot provide the academy with a doctor’s certificate, you will fail that component and, probably, the whole subject.


Ensure that you have all the necessary equipment, especially for Maths and Science. This will avoid delays and disruption at the start of the exam. ONLY PENS WITH BLACK INK ARE ALLOWED FOR ALL EXAMINATIONS. You may not take any notes or scrap paper into the examination room. If you require another answer booklet or are unsure as to what you must do, put your hand up and wait for a member of staff to come to your assistance. You must not call the invigilators. Only ‘see-through’ pencil cases are allowed on desks. Clear plastic bags are an acceptable alternative. You may also have one see through plastic bottle with sports cap containing water (with no label). You are not allowed to take in packets/tubes of sweets or packets of tissues. Smart watches aren't allowed but analogue and digital watches are but must be placed on the desks and remain there until candidates are dismissed. Candidates must bring their own calculators, the academy will not provide them, Exceptions to this are if the calculators break during the exam. Pockets must be empty and nothing written on hands. 


Coats and Bags

Coats and bags are not allowed at desks. You will be instructed as to where to leave these by the invigilators.

JCQ Regulations

Familiarise yourself with the exam board’s regulations which are issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). This has been issued to you. Ensure that you read them carefully. If you are involved in any malpractice you could be disqualified from all of your examinations.


You will not be permitted into an examination room unless you are wearing full academy uniform.

Seating Arrangements

A seating plan will be put up in advance of the exam. The candidates need to check and remember their seat number. The exam desks are labelled accordingly. Candidates must not remove or deface the numbers or change seats. 

Leaving the Examination Room

You may not leave the examination room until instructed to do so at the end of the examination. Please leave quietly as there may be still be examinations going on.

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Great to see Year 11 students investing in themselves and choosing wisely at the Easter revision sessions.👇 Keep revising, Year 11! 🤩 Wishing all our students a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing you all when we return on Monday 25th April! 🤩
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Our new website is now live! A fresh new look!😃👇
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Superb day hosting Practical moderation. Well done to & and of course our students. A great day, each and every one of you were exemplary.
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It’s official...we're UK finalist winners! Y9 came in at 1st place, Y7 came in at 3rd place and Y8 came in at 6th place!! A huge congratulations to all who took part in the challenge, all finished in the top ten in the country. A massive achievement! 👏
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Year 9 boys took part in a football tournament match against Paget High School. An impressive start as they won 7-1! Mr Goddard was impressed by the stylish football on display!
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There’s been some great moments during this seasons schools rugby fixtures in Burton. Well done to everyone involved. Organisers, teachers, referees, hosts & of course players. Next up, County Championships.
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Well done, Years 7, 8 and 9! You are all finalists!! Final round of Word Mania starts today, and ends on Friday! Go Granville!! Here are the final results from the Competition Round: Year 7: 2nd Year 8: 6th Year 9: 2nd
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Year 7s participated in a rugby tournament yesterday. Great tackles and impressive tries saw the team finish 3rd overall! Mr Goddard & Miss Isaac were impressed by the players attitude & conduct and the level of improvement evident as the tournament progressed.
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Fans of the future! 💛🖤 You've made today extra special, !
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We were beyond excited to meet today!!! Thank you for visiting us!! 👍👍 There is still time to grab your tickets below 👇for tomorrow's game... |
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🖤💛DEFERRERS TAKEOVER Today is the last stop of ’s school tour as he visits Granville 🏫 If you’ve missed Billy this week you can grab your tickets from here 👇 |
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4/4 - Overall, a fabulous Careers Week, here at Granville. The talks have sparked a lot of enthusiasm and discussions between our students and staff.
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3/4-And Rob Tipper, who works for a plastics/recycling company, Plastipak. Rob spoke on how he's travelled the world through his work & challenged our students to be the next generation, who recycle everything, & how recycling & renewable energy will create the jobs of the future
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2/4-We were joined on Zoom by Paula Thompson, a Social Worker. Her in-depth presentation into this challenging profession gave our students a unique insight into the challenges and also the rewards that this career brings.
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1/4-Last day of Careers Week, we were joined by John Widdowson from a Community Manager. He talked about the importance of always working hard. Encouraged students to find a career they are passionate about, & about his career path and role volunteering.
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Twitter / @Granville_dft
3 of 3- On Zoom, we had an excellent talk from Alicia Moyles, one of the Heads of Service with a Kent-based employment service that supports adults with additional needs into employment. They also support their employers.
Twitter / @Granville_dft
2 of 3 - Beth Bailey, a self-employed Financial Adviser gave a superb talk on how it helps to be good at maths, and have key skills, such as being able to process information quickly, and more importantly, to be able to listen and communicate with all people.
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1 of 3-Today, for Careers Week, we welcomed Emily Mulvaney, Ward Sister from the NHS, a very popular choice of talk amongst all year groups. Mr. Gell hosted and said “A number of students who were inspired by the talk are interested in finding out more about NHS apprenticeships.
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