Mrs J Kingswood             


Vice Principals 

Mr D Jackson - Music and Maths 

Mr C Gell 


Assistant Principals 

Mrs S Glover - Teaching and Learning 

Mr C Mulgrew - Director of Maths 

Mrs S Smith - SEND Co-ordinator/English 


Extended Leadership Team 

Mrs C Metters - Science 

Miss S Hewart - Lead Teacher - Maths 

Mr W Rea - Director of Quality Assurance/Community Engagement 


School Business Services Manager 

Ms H Kaur 


Directors of Learning 

Mr M Adler - Director of World Studies/Teacher of History 

Mrs K Brickley - Director of Health & PE/Teacher of PE & Dance 

Mrs L Brown - Acting Director of English 

Mr S Edwards - Director of Technology/Teacher of Graphics 

Mr S Jolley - Director of Creative Arts / Teacher of Drama 

Mr J Rothwell - Director of Science

Mrs J Wilson - Director of Health & PE

Mrs H Yates - Head of Modern Foreign Languages 


Support and Guidance Team 

Mrs G Jackson - House Leader (Kedleston)/Music & Drama 

Mrs F Greenfield - Assistant House Leader (Kedleston)

Miss T Webster -  House Leader (Chatsworth)

Mr A Tempest - House Leader (Haddon) 



Teaching Staff

Mrs D Aram - Science

Mrs S Archer - Science 

Mr C Baillie - ICT              

Miss V Barker - Health & Social/PSHE    

Mr J Biddulph - RE/History                  

Miss S Broadhurst - Textiles/Food    

Mrs J Garvey - English 

Mr J Goddard - PE   

Miss R Hunt - Maths                

Miss C Isaac - Science   

Miss A Jordan - History 

Miss R Lobosco - Geography 

Miss S Lockley - Science    

Mrs S Pike - DT 

Mr W Rea - English    

Miss G Rhodes - MFL 

Mrs A Rowland - Science     

Mrs P Saddington - MFL 

Mrs T Shearer - Art       

Mr R Stone - Geography

Mr K Taylor - Maths  

Miss H Wallace - English Lead Teacher 

Miss N Warren - ICT/Pupil Premium Co-ordinator

Mrs S Wright - ICT/ New Teacher induction and NQT Co.


Cover Supervisors

Mr L Hobbs 


Careers, Work Experience and Aspirations Lead 

Ms F Peapell 


Learning Support 

Mrs J Allen - Academic Mentor

Mrs J Beard - Academic Mentor Access Zone

Miss L Masters - Academic Mentor 

Miss A Wilson - Academic Mentor 

Mrs S Wileman - Academic Mentor

Miss S Perks - Assistant SENCO 



Administrative and Office Staff

Mrs G Bennett - Medical Welfare Assistant, Transition, Admin Support 

Mrs T Gaunt - Business and HR Assistant 

Mrs J Greaves - Receptionist 

Miss T Grogan - Admin Assistant/Attendance and Events 

Mrs N Parry - School Data and Exam Manager 

Ms M Tomlin - Principal's PA, Executive Assistant 

Miss E Wallis - Receptionist 

Miss S Whiddett - LRC Assistant, EVC, Central Stock, Reprographics


Premises and Technical Staff

Mr M Brian - Site Resources Manager 

Mr A Clamp - Science Lab Technician 

Mr A Dineley - Design and Technology Technician 

Mr L Riley - Caretaker

Miss M Thomas - Food/Textiles Technician

Mr R Winstone - ICT Technician 




Mrs A Cotton - School Crossing Patrol Supervisor 









About Us

The Academy office is open Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm during term time.

01283 216765 


Principal: Jo Kingswood 

Chair of Governors: Kim Geering 

SENCO: Steph Smith