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Welcome to the Granville Academy website. 

Granville is committed to providing academic excellence within a caring and inclusive environment.  Since our last Ofsted inspection in 2015, our GCSE results have gone from strength to strength. In 2019, 75% of our students achieved a good pass in GCSE English and 73% in GCSE Maths. 

We joined the de Ferrers Trust in September 2017. We share the Trust vision that all students will ‘Aspire and Achieve’ and is reflected in our continual drive to secure the best outcomes for our students in all aspects of Academy life.  Our Trust vision is at the heart of our ethos and values:

To ensure that all the children and young people in our care have the opportunity to fulfil their potential through achieving highly, regardless of their ability or background. 

This underpinned by our simple values statement 'Work hard, be kind, choose wisely'

Alongside our drive for sustained academic improvement is our view that every student matters and that they should enjoy and achieve whilst at Granville. We have the highest expectations of our students in all aspects of Academy life and believe in developing them in each area – academic, social, moral and cultural.  The Academy is thriving with creativity through sport, art, drama, music and language, and we actively promote the health, well-being, character and development of the whole person.

One of the key strengths of the Academy is the positive relationships between staff and students. We have a friendly, respectful and harmonious environment throughout the Academy.  We are truly inclusive and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Ofsted described Granville as “a harmonious community where all are treated with respect and tolerance and there is no discrimination.” Incidents of bullying are very rare and our strong Support and Guidance Team and clear expectations ensure that issues are dealt with so that the Academy remains a calm and safe environment. Our students support each other and our vibrant Academy council ensures that students are listened to and valued.

We have very high expectations of student behaviour, and our rules are based on the common sense principles which form our Code of Conduct. Students wear our uniform with pride and come to the Academy ready to learn. We expect parents/carers to support us in upholding our high standards and expectations. 

We know that establishing a strong working partnership with you as parents/carers is essential to your child’s success. We hold regular information evenings and we are always willing to meet with you or contact you via email or telephone if you have any concerns or queries. Our form tutors will usually be the first point of contact and as we have a vertical tutor group system your child will, in most cases, have the same tutor throughout their time at the academy.

At Granville, we believe in promoting traditional British values such as treating each other with respect, being tolerant of each other and being courteous and polite. We provide opportunities for students to develop as rounded citizens, enabling them to succeed and achieve in modern Britain. We have a strong commitment to helping and encouraging our students to make a positive contribution to their community. Granville is at the heart of the Woodville community, and we take every opportunity to be involved in joint events and projects.

We are currently 12 months into a substantial rebuilding programme that will provide our students with state of the art Sports Hall and Science and Technology rooms. However, as this work will continue until January 2020, we currently have very limited parking on the Academy site. We ask if you are visiting the Academy you to your best to avoid parking on site and also refrain from parking on Field View adjacent to the Academy, as this is a private road. 

Of course, you cannot really get a true feeling about an Academy from a website; you will only get this by coming to see us first hand. We would urge any prospective parents or carers to come and see us in action and experience what we have to offer first hand. If you would like to do this, please contact the Academy reception on 01283 216765 and we will gladly arrange a tour of the Academy.

We look forward to meeting you.


About Us

The Academy office is open Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm during term time.

Tel: 01283 216765 


Acting Principal: Mr Craig Brown 

Chair of Governors: Declan Royston-Webb 

SENCO: Naomi Hill