The academy day is planned to maximise learning. All lessons are an hour in length. Break time and lunch time are long enough for students to use the facilities, have something to eat and drink, and socialise with their friends.

Start Time End Time Description
8:30am 8:50am Tutor Time / Assembly
8:50am 9:50am Period 1
9:50am 10:50am Period 2
10:50am 11:05am Break Time
11:05am 12:05pm Period 3
12:05pm 1:05pm Period 4
1:10pm 1:45pm Lunch Time
1:45pm 2:45pm Period 5

About Us

The Academy office is open Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm during term time.

Tel: 01283 216765 


Principal: Mrs Michelle Oliphant

Chair of Governors: Mr Declan Royston-Webb 

SENCO: Miss Mari Paskin