What is the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium?

The Government allocates extra funding schools to support each Year 7 student who were not secondary ready (scaled scores of less than 100) in Mathematics and/or reading at the end of their Key Stage 2 assessments (taken in Primary school). This funding is enable schools to put into place additional support in these areas to help students to close the achievement gap and “catch up” in these areas.

How have we used the funding?

In 2018-19 we received £20761. The strategies we have used to support students have included;

  • Morning intervention Reading Buddies Programme, targeting 19 Year 7 students weekly during morning registrations
  • Maths intervention programme targeting students weekly during morning registrations
  • Literacy and Numeracy Academic Mentors appointed to work in part with Year 7 students identified as not secondary ready
  • English Fresh Start programme led by the SENCO and and Assistant SENCO for 3 hours per week for the least able Year 7 class 
  • Small group Mathematics lessons lead by the SENCO for 4 hours per week for a Year 7 class
  • ICT support packages for Literacy – Literacy Planet
  • ICT support package for Maths – 123 Maths
  • Maths Numeracy Ninja use in tutor time
  • Continued upgrade of the Academy library -fortnightly Library lesson, with a focus on enjoying and improving reading ability 

How does the Academy assess the impact of this provision?

We assess all Year 7 students who arrive at Granville, they are then reassessed at the end of the academic year to assess the progress that they have made. Reading and Spelling Age data, alongside internal assessment data and data produced by our intervention programmes, all help to build a picture of a student's overall progress. 




  • 43 students in Year 7 arrived “not secondary ready” or below
  • Of these 17 are PP/Disadvantaged
  • Of these 27 have some form of SEND need or are being monitored/supported by the Academy 
  • 38 students received ICT intervention via 123maths
  • The cohort had a baseline assessment testing skills expected at Y1-Y6
  • Students were supported by Academic mentor once a week for 20 minutes.



Average (base line)

Average end














Males (17)




Females (21)




SAT score 90+ (more able of less able) (18)




SAT score 85+ <90 (middle of less able) (20)






Impact - Literacy 

We subscribed to the Literacy Planet programme in December 2017 using catch-up funding (after a successful introduction through the Word Mania competition).

Every Year 7 class receives a fortnightly Literacy Planet lesson where set literacy/reading comprehension tasks are assigned, which are personally differentiated according to students' needs. Previous catch-up students who are now in Year 8 and Year 9, also use the programme, once a week, as part of our ongoing provision for enabling their literacy progress. Furthermore, all Year 7 students have a fortnightly Library lesson, allowing them access to the newly refurbished Library stock and encouraging a positive culture of reading. 

This academic year, we have introduced the Accelerated reader Programme for all Year 7 students, with the aim of developing students' reading ability. This is a personalised, data driven reading programme, which encourages students to read accordingly to their ability and receive awards. There has been a marked shift in the reading culture, which we seek to promote further as the year continues. 

Reading Buddies (Monday registration) targets 19 catch-up students to help build confidence and develop reading skills. Those selected generally scored between 94-99 at Key Stage 2 and so would not fall under SEN provision. They have also been selected according to STAR test score on the Accelerated Reader programme - those scoring lower than expected - and on the basis of their English set - those in middle sets who are likely to fall behind the rest of their group. Most/More Able students from Year 9/10 are being used as buddies to help support and encourage their younger counterparts.

From the combination of all interventions  used in 2017-18, the 72 students identified for Catch Up Support were monitored and tracked over the year. Internal assessments show that: 

  • 73.6% of the cohort made progress throughout Year 7
  • 18% made one sub level of progress
  • 55.5% of the students made more than 2 sub levels of progress
  • 15.2% made a whole level of progress

It is estimated that the average student will make one sub level of progress in a year, those who are behind are expected to make less. This shows that the work from English is having a positive impact on students’ outcomes.

So far in the 2018-19 academic year, out of 68 students identified for Catch-Up Support:

  • 29.4% have made progress, with a further 52.9% maintaining their current level
  • 14.7% have so far made 2 or more sub levels of progress 

How will we continue to use the funding 

  • Continued subscription to Literacy Planet, with a fortnightly Literacy lesson - Literacy Planet will become more of a homework tool to support the Literacy work completed during the Library sessions
  • Continued use of the Accelerated Reader programme, but concentrating on Catch-Up, SEN and lower ability students, as part of their programme or intervention
  • A designated small Fresh Start class, targeting students who scored 90 or below at Key Stage 2 
  • Looking into the Literacy Assessment Tool, which can monitor student progress more efficiently and provide useful diagnostic information to inform intervention strategies  

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