At Granville Academy, we recognise that starting at a new Academy often raises lots of questions for both students and their parents/carers. To help make the whole process as easy and enjoyable as possible, we have a well-established transition programme, which makes the transition from primary to secondary as smooth as possible.

Over the years, Granville has developed close curricular liaison with our partner primary schools. A range of Granville staff meet and work regularly with our primary colleagues, in a variety of ways. We believe it is vital to understand and build on the work of our partner primaries as it provides the children the benefit of continuity. In addition to visits from Granville staff and students, our main partner primary schools have the opportunity to come and try a range of experiences offered by all of our faculties, as well as enjoying our Year 7 production. We also make every effort to attend primary parents' evenings. 

Around March/April time, we visit our new students in their primary schools, spend time with them, and answer their many questions about moving to Granville. Initially this involves the Assistant Vice Principal visiting each primary school along with a group of Year 7 students who previously attended that school– a familiar face is always a reassurance. During these visits, students are provided with information about everyday life at Granville and given the opportunity to ask questions to our current Year 7 students. We are happy to alleviate any concerns students may have with regards to the move to secondary school.

The Assistant Vice Principal will continue to visit several times during the Summer Term to ensure she has information on the students who will be attending Granville. Sometimes she also meets with parents, students and professionals where transition to secondary is thought likely to cause particular challenges and an enhanced transition can be planned.

Students are provided with a starter pack. This includes an information booklet which reiterates the information delivered during the visit. They are given a short questionnaire on themselves, which allows Granville staff to get to know a little about our new Year 7. New students are also asked to name three friends on their questionnaire that they work well with. The Assistant Vice Principal will endeavour to put them in a form group together so that they do not feel alone.

From the information collected students are divided into forms balanced with respect to, numbers, gender and individual needs. It is our experience that students settle quickly into their forms and add new friends to their circle. In any Year, there will be several students who are the only entrant from their particular primary school. Parents can be reassured from past experience these students settle quickly too. To assist the settling in process further, our students begin their day in vertical tutor groups (Years 7 to 11 in the same forms). This allows new Year 7s the opportunity to work with older students, who have experienced the transition themselves and understand how it feels.

During July, Year 6 students are given the opportunity to spend a day at Granville Academy, where they will meet other students in their new form group, spend time with their Form Tutor; sample taster lessons and get the 'feel' of their new Academy before arriving in September. The experience even includes using the cashless catering system and sampling the Academy cuisine!

Granville recognises that for some Year 6s, the time between the July taster days and the September starting date, is too long. For these students, Granville offers a free Summer Academy programme. This gives students the opportunity to meet new friends and familiarise themselves with their new school, whilst experiencing fun activities led by their new teachers.

When September comes, students quickly become accustomed to Granville's procedures and everyday expectations. The Support and Guidance Team supports and guides students along the way, if necessary, helping them to settle quickly. In late September, parents are contacted by Form Tutors to discuss how their child has settled and progressed in the early weeks. This is an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns, which may have arisen, or share any happy feedback from your child’s first weeks with us.

All of our students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities such as sports team practices and games, gym and dance display, Academy productions, Student Voice (Student Committee), and a variety of visits. This "taking part" enriches daily life at the Academy.

Pastoral care is all-important at Granville and Form Tutors monitor their tutees, meeting during registration. The vertical tutor groups allow older students to mentor and support Year 7s, along with the House Leaders and Assistant House Leaders who will offer support for those with additional needs.


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